As usual I took a travel detour while driving around Kansas.  I ended up in a town called Alden.  The first thing I saw as I drove in was a bbq business with a huge sign that said, "We Smoke Meat!".  I didn't think anything of it, until I parked my car and got out.  The entire town, (all 3 blocks of it), smelled like a meat smoker.  Alden was a quaint little town with a nice memorial to all the fallen members of the armed services that had lost their life in combat.  

What caught my attention the most was an old gas station.  It looked like it was straight from the 1950's.  It even had a cool sign that looked like it might be an original to when it was built.  Located a block down was a co-op.  There were a few of the co-op workers that came in the town to eat at the only restaurant.  For a town this small it had its own bank.  There must be a lot of farmer and harvest money that flows through that town since the co-op is there.