Every now and then I come across a town that at one point or another was on a main route for a highway or railroad line.  Beaumont, Kansas was one of those towns.  I happened to see the sign and decided to pull off the highway to check it out.  For a town as small I was surprised to see quite a few places that were on both the Kansas and National Register of historic places.  One of them was a water tower used by the rail roads.  The last water tower to be used by a rail road in the United States.  Next to the water tower was a caboose and a small pathway to a couple small ponds in a pasture with a sign that had an arrow pointing toward the Frisco Ponds.  Not far from the rail road tracks was an old hotel that is still in use.  It was a bit sad to see a town that was at one time an important shipping station on a major railway line now reduced to nothing more than a hotel and a water tower.  The glory days for Beaumont, Kansas were definitely long gone. - Royce