One of the scariest towns that I have encountered is Bushong, Kansas.  Located in Lyon County about 30 minutes north of Emporia,it is a ghost town with about 20 residents.  It is a bit unsettled walking around a town with no one around.  One of the first buildings I came across was an old bank.  The only thing left were the stone walls.  No roof or windows.  You could also see the brick vault.  Across the street was an abandoned building and what looked to be a car mechanic garage for residents to get there car worked on.  As I was taking a picture of the building I heard footsteps behind me.  I turned around and walking across the road was someone walking across on a horse.  For some reason this really freaked me out.  This was also about the time I realized I had no cell service.  So even if something were to happen, I couldn’t even call 911 if I wanted to.  

I walked down one block past a ran down motor home and saw a wonderful old school building with huge trees growing all around it.  Some of the back had collapsed on itself, but for the most part the building was still standing.  What was even better was you could go into the school house!  I was in total adventure mode until I saw all sorts of strange markings painted on the inside walls.  It reminded me of an episode of True Detective and Carcosa, (If you haven’t seen season 1 it is a must!).  Feeling uncomfortable I started thinking it was time to go.  At this point I heard a generator start, so I semi-ran to my car and headed back to the highway.  As I was leaving I realized that someone actually lived in the run down motor home, and was watching me leave.  - Royce