I have to admit... Cedar Vale, Kansas looked a bit like a small town you would see in a movie from the 1960's.  I am not really sure what it was, but there was something about this small town that was different from the other small towns I have visited in Kansas.  I have not really explored too much of southeast Kansas, so I was in unfamiliar territory.  Cedar vale is a town of 580.  I stopped by at 12pm on a Sunday.  Usually most small Kansas towns are dead at that hour but have at least one restaurant open on the main street for people to go to eat after church.  Cedar Vale didn't have any.  What struck me most about Cedar Vale was a small memorial to all the veterans and citizens from the town who had served in the military.  It was broken up between each major war and conflict with the veterans names on the stone tablets.  On the far right a new stone tablet had been started for Desert Storm, Iraq War, and Afghanistan Veterans.  As I was looking at the names I realized that 5-10% (maybe more) of the population had left to join the armed forces over the last ten years.  Was that the only way to get out of the town?  Most likely.  - Royce