Council Grove has to be the Kansas town with the most historic sites.  I counted close to 30.  Council Grove was one of the last stops going west along the Sante Fe trail.  Many treaties between the Us Government and Indian tribes were signed here.  So naturally with all that going on in the city, there is bound to be a lot of history.  I started off on the edge of town.  There is a monument about a mile from the main highway on a dirt road to Father Juan Padilla, the first christian martyr in North America.  From the top of the hill the view of Council Grove is pretty cool.

You can see the site of the Kaw Indian mission or the spot the United States signed a treaty with the Osage indians.  My favorite historical marker is the traveling hermit's cave.  An Italian priest slept in a cave in Council Grove for months before walking all the way to New Mexico.  Just outside of town is the Council Grove reservoir that was built by the Army Core of Engineers.  I suggest taking a couple minutes at the Council Grove Overlook to enjoy a nice view of the lake.

As you can see by the picture below quite a few residents don't want a Wal-mart either.  - Royce