It took almost a half an hour to get too.  I had to pull off the main road onto a narrow dirt road.  The sign had the word Elgin with an arrow.  It was about a mile before I came upon another dirt road.  I ended up taking the wrong turn, but eventually found out which way I was supposed to be going.  20 minutes later I saw the Elgin Cemetery.  I knew I had to be getting close now.  It is no wonder that Elgin is a ghost town.  I am sure it was hard enough to get to in its heyday.  I noticed what looked to be paved streets coming up in my view.  As I got closer I realized that it was actually a brick street.  I later found out that tall of the towns streets where brick, not one was paved.  Or at least not one that I saw.  Next to the city park a sign read "Elgin - A Town To Tough To Die".  I had just missed some sort of yearly festival the week before.  There was still a roped off square that could not have held more that 15 cars for parking.  

There were quite a few old buildings that I still can not believe were standing.  They were a shell of what they used to be and looked like they were going to cave in on themselves at any moment.    "KEEP OUT" was spray painted in black all over them.  I assumed that since I was on my way to look inside that quite a few other people have also.  Once I saw the keep out warning I didn't try to explore inside any of the buildings.  The fact that the town isn't an archeological site by now is a testament to the people who still live there.  - Royce