I found myself in uncharted territory.  IT was at least uncharted territory for me.  I have never been east past Butler County.  I had heard how nice the town Eureka was, so I figured it was time to see it.  It had it's own charm.  Although I did notice that you might see one building or house on a street and the next lot was another house or building that was all trashed and almost to the point of being condemned.  What was really strange was that it wasn't just one neighborhood like that, but the entire town.  

Eureka's downtown was pretty awesome, with a wonderful historic hotel building in the 1880's to house people for the cattle trades that were in the town.  Across the street was an auditorium that looked like it had its fair share of shows in its heyday, but hasn't seen too much of late.  Driving around the town I stumbled upon the old railway station.  A block down I noticed a monument in a yard.  It was a monument for Utopia College.  It was a 2 year college that close in 1970 for low enrollment.  The monument was erected by the founder of the college.  There was a big white house that was the old administration building, with a three story apartment building behind it, which used to be a part of the college.  

I got the feeling like I was in America's heartland.  I would have to say at 85-90% of the houses I saw had American flags hanging in front of them.  Even an apartment had a flag hanging from the staircase.  It took me so long to make it to Eureka, but I will make sure it won't take me that long to make it back there again.