Every now and then on my travels around Kansas something great happens that I would have never planned in a million years.  I had this experience in Fall River, Kansas.  Fall River is a small town in Greenwood county with less than 200 people.  You turn off the highway to get to the town and the first thing you see is an old bait shop.  After driving a couple miles and crossing Fall River you hit the city limits.  The town is 3 blocks long and about 4 blocks wide.  I was on the main street taking pictures when I saw a man walking to local grocery store.  About 10 minutes passed before he came back out and he started to approach me.  

"You like to take pictures?", he asked.  I told him how I liked to go around and visit Kansas towns and take pictures of him.  I told him I was from Wichita.   I found out he was from Wichita also.  I let him know that I work in media and in the same building as the conservative talk radio station.  For some reason that always gets people to open up a bit.  He then said something i wasn't expecting.  "Well if you got time, I got some of the towns history that you might want to get some pictures of."  I could not believe my luck!  

Turns out the person who I met was he Mayor of Fall River.  He took me into a small building where the city clerk worked.  He told me she had been researching the towns history.  Inside the room were historical photos of the town and every trophy and award that the Fall River high school had received.  I was even able to get a picture of the mayor himself!  - Royce