In many of the old pictures that I have seen of past generations of my family, I have noticed that many of them were taken in Halstead, Kansas.  I finally asked my grandmother about it, and I found out that my grandfather's, grandfather was on of the families that helped homestead the land and start the city.  I was told that I should drive up to Halstead and look in the old cemetery for my family with the name Steele.  Luckily Halstead isn't that far away from Wichita, so I went early on a Sunday morning.  I was surprised to see how cool of a town Halstead was.  It was 8am on a Sunday.  Nobody was out on the street so I pretty much had the town to myself.  

The main street was only a couple blocks long.  At one end was a small river with a bridge to ride across.  As I went passed I noticed there was also a wood blank bridge to walk across the river as well.  Walking across the wood blanks was a bit nerve wracking.  Every step made the bridge sway back and forth.  It was a miracle that I even made it across.  So if you happen to ever go to Halstead, enjoy the scenery, but stay off that bridge! ~ @RoyceOnTheRadio