Elmdale, Kansas Abandoned...

Some of my fondest memories growing up where spent at Camp Wood during my childhood summers.  Every year, I would go to a church youth camp there.  It was located on a hill outside of the town of Elzdale, Kansas.  I always used to marvel at how small Elmdale was.  I always wondered who lived in this small town and what was there to do?  As years went by, I would take Highway 50 every now and then on my way to Kansas City and pass Elmdale.  I finally took some time to walk around the city.   At this point there are only 2 or 3 families still living there.  On wikipedia it has the town population at 55 people.  It is a sad town.  You can tell that 50 or 60 years ago there were businesses and people coming by.  At this point, the town is 3 streets a block long, and a hand full of abandoned buildings.  

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