I have passed through Kingman, Kansas many times on the way to other places.  I finally decided to stop and take pictures of the town.  I was pretty impressed with the town.  A couple things really caught my eye.  The courthouse and old train station were the first couple of things that I went to look at.  In all the smaller towns I go to whenever I see an old train station it looks pretty ran down, but in Kingman it still had all the benches and signs on the outside.  A fresh coat of paint and you wouldn't even know it was not in use.  

Next to the train station was Glenn Stark Park.  Glenn Stark was a local artist who carved wood statues.  The park is filled with his works.  I walked a couple blocks over to downtown.  I saw an old movie theater marquee that looked pretty awesome.  As I was taking pictures a man pulled up in a truck and introduced himself to me.  He was on the board of trustees to renovate the old theater.  He opened the doors and he gave me a tour of the place.  In the front lobby he pointed out a picture of the old theater when it was first built.  The inside just had one screen but the designs on the walls and ceiling were amazing.  He even gave me some free passes to see a movie!  So it looks like I now have a reason to come back to Kingman, Kansas- Royce