I have never really been to any small towns southwest of Wichita or near the Kansas-Oklahoma border.  So as I hopped in my car heading out on one of my Kansas travels I figured that would be the direction I would go. I stopped in Kiowa, Kansas which is bout 15 miles (or less) from the Oklahoma boarder.  This town had quite a bit of old buildings that in their heyday were important.  One I found really cool was the Kiowa Social Club building.  It was an old hotel turned into a social club, and now it didn't seem there Kiowa had enough people for the town to even have a social club building at all.  It was near some old rail road tracks, on the edge of town.  

The town of Kiowa is the reason why I love seeing small Kansas towns is because it feels like time has came to a halt, and the town and buildings are how it was 50 years ago. This was the case with the local gas station.  It looked like a gas station from the 60's, and even had some of the old signage on it.  On the other side of town (which was two blocks away) was a statue with Kansas and Oklahoma flags commemorating the early settlers that called Kiowa home. - Royce