It's been awhile, but I found myself back out on the Kansas highways exploring places that I haven't been to in the state.  I always find myself in Lindsborg, but for the first time when I reached the town I decided to take state highway 4 west.  The first town I came to was Marquette, Kansas.  I noticed a sign that said "Marquette Kansas - Home of the Kansas Motorcycle Museum".   Well I had to stop to see what this town was about.  The first thing I noticed was a wonderful city park that had a stone fence and stone entrance.  I parked my car to get out and walk around.  Since it was the home of the Kansas Motorcycle Museum I noticed quit a few signs that said to watch out for motorcycles on the road.  I didn't think much of it until after 10 minutes of walking around I realized that I had to watch out for at least a dozen motorcycles on the streets while I was trying to cross them.  The museum is definitely a pilgrimage for Kansas motorcyclists.  ~ @RoyceOnTheRadio