Near Kingman, Kansas is a small ghost town by the name of Penasola.  I had heard there was old school house that I had to go see.  Luckily it wasn't that far so I decided one Sunday afternoon to check it out.  There wasn't much of a town left,  just a grain CO-OP elevator.  As I came upon an intersection I noticed shell of a building.  It looked like an old bank.  The type you see in the western movies.  Sure enough when I looked the window and saw the original wood counters and the iron gate for the bank tellers I knew that is what it was.  

Not far behind I saw the old school house that I had heard about.  I decided to walk over since it wasn't far.  As I was walking down the street an old man in a truck drove by, then did a u-turn in the street.  At this point I checked to see if I had a cell phone signal on my phone, just in case if I needed to make a quick call.  He said hello and asked how my picture taking was going.  I told him I was headed to the old school.  At that point he said it wasn't abandoned, but it was a car mechanic's shop.  He was polite, said good bye and then drove over to the school.  As I crossed the street I was able to take a picture, and then saw the old man talking to someone.  I waved and started walking over, at this point I noticed the guy spit on the ground.  In my head I was thinking, here we go, but the mechanic wasn't too bad, but not to friendly either.  I definitely got the vibe that they don't like visitors. - Royce