The Top Ten Wichita Instagram Accounts of 2014!

Over the past year I have really noticed people from Wichita stepping up and creating some great pictures and videos on Instagram.  I personally get a lot of inspiration from them and enjoy the diversity that I see coming from them.  Some of the people I know and some I have never seen before, but they all keep me inspired and make me happy they come from Wichita!  If you do not have them as an Instagram friend then add them!  You won't be disappointed!  ~ @RoyceOnTheRadio


A photo posted by Xavier Raul (@xtakesphotos) on

#10 - @xtakesphotos - He has a great eye!  Some of my favorites are his long exposure shots.  Plus he has some great sneaker action pix. 


Protest in east Wichita on black friday

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#9 - @turbobuddha

Always posting great pix, and just an all around nice person.  Every time I have asked him a photography/film question he has been extremely helpful!  I finally got to meet him at the Bahamadia show, and look forward seeing many more pix on his instagram!

South side ICT

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#8 - @ricow

One of the @Wichitopia crew, (awesome podcast). It is interesting to see how his eyes works.  I have seen pictures on his instagram that he has taken that I might have walked by 1000 times and never seen the shot he took.  Some of my favorites on his instagram are the high contrast black and white shots. 

#7 - @tien_photography

Digital and film.... he does them both and well!  Love the portraits!

Its all in your head! #LEGVCY #YINYANG #316UP #ict #art

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#6 - @legvcy

Some of his best work are his art photo shots.  He is not afraid to take risks and do something different.  Not only does he post pix from his photo shoots, but behind the scenes videos of them.  Pretty awesome.

Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.

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#5 - @mkrubsack

I'm not sure when, or how I came across this person, but I have not been disappointed.  He has his own look and style to his pictures and is fearless! 

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#4 - @minhiscool316

Great sneaker photos and pix around the Mathematics shop in Oldtown.


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#3 - @alejandroemilio_

If you love fashion, style, Wichita and vsco filters...  this is the instagram user you should add!  If I am not mistaken, most of his photos are done with his iphone! 

Mmmm! Thx @935wichita for the afternoon pick -me -up! #cookies #sugarrush

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#2 - @rsa_marketing

I know this one might seem a bit strange, but I love the RSA Marketing instagram!  They recently moved locations and did some remodeling and I felt like I was apart of it!  They do such a great job, I almost feel like I work there. 

Some of the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen are falling, but they are melting as quickly as they hit the ground.

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#1 - @carmody68

When I think of a Wichitan, I think of Carmody.  He posts pix of Wichita events, and daily posts pix at locally owned restaurants.  If you have never read his Wichita history columns in the F5 paper, then go check it out!  The epitome of Wichita cool.... and co-owns The Donue Whole!  Need I say more?

There you have it!  The top 10 Wichita Instagram accounts for 2014!  I did however realize that I missed one.... so check out @darrinhackney.  There is a reason why he won Wichita Eagle Readers Choice best photographer.  ~ @RoyceOnTheRadio