The Top Ten Wichita Music Concerts of 2014!

I am born and raised in Wichita, and 2014 had to be one of, if not the BEST year for music concerts that I have ever seen!  The eclectic mix of shows that were in Wichita in 2014 refreshing and has me hopeful that 2015 will be even better.  No matter what genre of music you are into, there was something for you to see!  I must say that Naymlis, KPush and Riverfest promoted the majority of the best shows I went to for 2014.  These are in no particular order.  So lets begin! ~ @RoyceOnTheRadio


#10 - Inspektah Deck & The Floozies @ The Crown Uptown

So growing up The Wu-Tang Clan was hands down my favorite musical group.  So when I heard one of the Wu was going to be in Wichita performing, I was there!  Plus this was the first time ANY of the Wu-Tang Clan members have ever came to Wichita.  The show was great, but the real treat was seeing The Floozies.  From the first note, they had the crowd dancing.  After the show, I went and bought there album on iTunes.

SLICK RICK SHOW_11-09-14-41.jpg
SLICK RICK SHOW_11-09-14-35.jpg
SLICK RICK SHOW_11-09-14-15.jpg

#9 - Slick Rick @ Abode

Slick Rick the Ruler!  i still can't believe I saw him in Wichita!  This show was a hip-hop heads dream.  Slick Rick, freestyle cyphers in the back and just a great vibe.  And yes, Slick Rick had all his chains on!  

#8 - Tamala Mann at the Gospelfest night for Riverfest

i'm sure this might be a little strange to most people that I have this on here, but when you see 5 to 6 thousand people in front of Century II, signing the #1 gospel song in the country it is amazing!  It was hot and muggy... one of those tornado weather days.  At one point before Tamala got on it started to sprinkle and looked like it was going to have a down pour.  They stopped the local gospel choir, and the mc "rebuked the bad weather" and I watched close to 6,000 people in unison say a prayer.  In less than 5 minutes there was blue skies and no rain.  Amazing.

#7 - Of Montreal at The Crown Uptown

I didn't make it to this show... and was pissed about it.  Every one I know who went thought it was amazing!  

MISFITS AND SMOKE DZA_11-22-14-4.jpg
MISFITS AND SMOKE DZA_11-22-14-15.jpg
MISFITS AND SMOKE DZA_11-22-14-19.jpg

#6 - The Misfits at The Crown Uptown

One of my favorite shows of the year.  I got to photograph a mash pit and see a classic punk band.  My top moment was falling in the mash pit trying to get a pic, and a skinhead helping me up.  Pretty cool


#5 - XV at Rock Island 

It was the same night as the Grand Master Flash show during Riverfest.  XV was going to do a show in his hometown.  it had been a awhile since his last one.  He had built up a huge following in that time, and the Squarians came out to represent at this show!  And the best part... I got to host it!

Photo Dec 29, 10 59 38 PM.png
Photo Dec 29, 10 56 53 PM.png

#4 - Snoop Dogg at The Cotillion

Come on its Snoop Dogg!  A legend!  I was able to catch a pic of Wichita's own @lucid316 opening for the show.  


#3 - Wichita Symphony presents Mozart & Soliari at Century II

So my favorite movie of all time is Amadeus.  i found out the Wichita Symphony was doing a concert with pieces from that made it to the movie so I had to go!  Sorry though... no pix.  Wamp wamp

Photo Dec 29, 10 56 01 PM.png
Photo Dec 29, 10 56 06 PM.png

#2 - RJD2 at The Crown Uptown

This was just an all around kick ass night.  I also saw people who I had not seen in years at this show!  It was really one of those nights that i felt lucky to have been in the building.  It was something special. 


So this happened yesterday. Thanks @darrinhackney for the photo. Wow.

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This is real life! The legendary GRANDMASTER FLASH!!!

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#1 - Grandmaster Flash at Riverfest

Riverfest had a hip-hop artist.... Let me say that again.  RIVERFEST HAD A HIP-HOP ARTIST!  An an icon at that!  I had such a great time at this show.  Definitely a high point for Wichita.  


There you have it!  Can't wait to see what 2015 is going to bring! ~ @RoyceOnTheRadio