The Top Ten Wichita Twitter Accounts of 2014!

It seems like more and more Twitter is the place that I find out news, pop culture, information and events.  Especially when it comes to Wichita.  People here in Wichita are really starting to step up to the plate with great twitter posts ranging on everything from music to race relations in the city.  These are my top ten Wichita twitter accounts of 2014.  If you are a Wichitan, these are a must to follow.  

#10 - @ahammsportgeek

I have known this guy for many years, and his twitter handle is the truth.  He is a sports nut!  His up to date tweets on ANY sport, mean I never have to go to ESPN!  Plus, I can't tell you how many times I check his twitter to find out the score of Wichita State or City League high school sports.  

#9 - @ICTBizJournal

Anything that goes down that deals with Wichita business, development, jobs, etc, I see posted on the Wichita Business Journal twitter.  They have great content, and my favorite thing about them is whenever they are at a conference, they tweet live from it!  

#8 - @JeddBeaudoin

I just love his twitter because he tweets links to his Strange Currency show and playlist.  If you have never heard the show, add him and check them out.  You will love it!

#7 - @ChrisBarnettII

Chris has some of, if not the best posts on a daily basis.  Always topically and always willing to speak his mind.  He has great posts on sports, race, WWE, music and things going on around Wichita.  Oh and if you are into sneakers.... this is the man to follow.  

#6 - @carbondj

I have a bit of a confession to make.  I don't really make it out to Oldtown on the weekends as much as I used too.  One of the biggest reasons why I wasn't so bent out of shape about it was being able to see all the recaps from DJ Carbon's tweets of events he spins at.  Since I usually see him at events and shows, I know if I can't make it, he will.  So I know I can get a fair and unbiased recap from his tweets about it.  

#5 - @wichitatown

Some of the tweets from Wichita Town are off the wall and quirky.  They all have to do with Wichita, and have a sense of humor or irony about them.  I love it because really, unless you were born and raised in Wichita or lived here close to 10 years or more... you will never get it.  

#4 - @TRW_ICT

Troy is the ultimate Wichita hipster.  Posting all over Wichita at restaurants and cool bars.  The guy loves Wichita and loves representing everything about it.  Plus he has a great sense of humor with tweets that only some one who lived in Wichita would get.  Just look at the post above... need I say more?


#3 - @KMUW

They have stories that relate to Wichita that really none of the other media outlets have.  Plus they post about the local content on their website.  

#2 - @travisheying

A photographer for The Wichita Eagle who posts some of the amazing pictures that he takes around the city.  I have seen him at work at Wichita State basketball games.  To see him there and then see the pictures he has taken from the games that are in the paper only makes you respect him even that much more.  

#1 - @Wichitopia @ictwoody @rico_w @CalebKWilson

Ok, so this is a bit of a cop out.  I hand to have the Wichitopia twitter on here, but I also wanted to have all the people on the Wichitopia podcast on it as well.   So they will all count as one huge collective.  What is so great about these guys is they are always tweeting from conferences and talks on how to make Wichita better.  I wanted so badly to go to the Fuel The Fire talks that were held this year.  I had to work, but these guys tweeted everything that was being said, and all the great points during the talks.  These are the type of people that can and will be able to take Wichita to the next level it needs to be at.  A huge sorry to anyone else on the Wichitopia podcast that I missed.

So there you have it. My top ten Wichita twitter accounts for 2014.  Who do you think should have make the list?  Feel free to let me know in the comments below and make sure and share the post!  Also make sure and check out some of my other posts on Wichita's hip-hop history and my Kansas Travels for 2014!  Links are below!  ~ @RoyceOnTheRadio