- My Favorite Events Of 2014!

First off I would like to thank everyone for the great response on the top ten lists of 2014.  I got some great things planned for 2015. Bringing you interesting content, stories and photography of Wichita.  

My last list is some of my favorite events that I went to over 2014!


Air Capitol Con

Hey, I have no trouble saying it.  I am a nerd.  So being around other nerds who embrace it is very cool.  I was able to make it to the Air Capitol Con, and be in nerd heaven!  If you are into comic books, 80's and 90's toys or sci-fi this is the place to be!


Sole Purpose/ I Got Sole

Two sneaker shows that are well worth going to.  Live music, sneakers and just an all around good time.


Black Arts Festival Parade

The Black Arts Festival just is not what it used to be.  However I do always make it to the parade. It seems like that is one of the few, if only thing the northeast community comes together for anymore.  I always see someone who I have not seen in years there.

Scottish Fest & Renn fest_09-28-14-27.jpg
Scottish Fest & Renn fest_09-28-14-25.jpg

They have two Rennaissance Fair's every year.  One in the spring and one in autumn.  The spring one is a bit bigger, but they both are great and entertaining.  Where else can you see grown men larding!  (If you don't know larping, look it up)


ICT Chalk Art Fest

I had such a blast at this.  Artists from all over town, and people young and old came out to draw chalk art in the plaza in front of the Warren in Oldtown.  The only shame about it is that sooner or later it would get washed away by rain.  But at least it will look great again in 2015!

Photo Jan 01, 8 31 48 PM.png

The Sedgwick County Fair

It is in Cheney just 5 minutes outside Wichita.  2014 was my first time ever going.  It is actually pretty fun.  Imagine the Kansas State Fair, but ten times smaller, and less animals.

Photo Jan 01, 8 32 59 PM.png

Wichita Art & Book Fair

I took this at the Wichita art & Book fair at Century II.  If you want to hang out, listen to music and look/buy at great art made locally this is the place to be every year.  Don't miss it in 2015!

Photo Jan 01, 8 39 31 PM.png

Traveling Carnival

I love the traveling carnival that goes around town.  I never go to it during Riverfest, but I always try and catch it when it is at Pawnee & Seneca or Towne West.  The funniest thing about it is the rides are pretty much the same as the ones I would get on when I was in high school..... 15 years ago.

There are quite a few other events around Wichita, but these are some of my favorites that I went to over the year.  I hope to see  everyone at them in 2015! ~ @RoyceOnTheRadio