The Top Ten Places to Eat of 2014 in Wichita That You Might Not Know

I have quite a few places around Wichita I love to eat at.  I have had many favorites in 2014.  These are places that most people doubt know about, or I am surprised when people don't know about them!  And of course... these are in no order,  so #1 is just as good as #10!


#10 - T.O.P.S 

Located near 21st & Grove.  They have some of the best cold and warms sandwiches in the city!  No one has a better philly cheese steak than they do!  On Friday's you can also see what they have on special.  Everything from friend catfish to half a bbq chicken.


#9 - Burger Stand

This is at 17th and Mosley.  I have been asked who has the best burgers in Wichita... I always say the Burger Stand.  They used to have one guy who did nothing but peel and cut potatoes for the fries every day.  If you got a taste for some tasty greasy food, this is the place to go!


#8 - Pig In, Pig Out Bar B Q

I personally think they have some of the best BBQ in the city.  You have to get here early, because a lot of the time they our out of the good stuff by dinner time.  So go for lunch! Make sure and try the hot links.  Best in the city!  It is just east of the rail road tracks on 13 street across from McAdams park.


#7 - The Copper Over

One of the places in Wichita to get a great breakfast.  Plus they are quick and friendly. A must go to if you have never been.  At 13th & Meridian in the Indian Hills shopping center.


#6 - YOLO Grill

They are closed right now, but going to reopen soon.  I really like this place.  I have tried different things off the menu, and every time it is tasted wonderful.  Near Murdock and West St.


#5 - Thai House

This place has some of the best asian food you can find in Wichita.  I actually grew up right by it, passed it for years, and just in the last 6 months have tried it.  Lots of variety.  Mild and spicy dishes, and cheap!

Photo Jan 01, 6 52 08 PM.png

#4 - Town & Country

Some of the best home style cooking you can find in Wichita!  What I love about this place is nothing has really changed about it, so it is like going back in time when you step in.  A little fun fact about this places, it used to be a motel with a restaurant.  Next to Towne West, you can see it off Kellogg

Photo Jan 01, 6 51 43 PM.png

#3 - Krispy's

Near 31st & Hillside.  Everything is fried, and you can get chicken and waffles!  They also have fried macaroni and cheese, fried candy bars, and fried okra!  I might have to go there this week just talking about it! 

Photo Jan 01, 6 55 18 PM.png

#2 - The Flying Stove Food Truck

I still can not believe there are people in Wichita that have not heard about the Flying Stove.  The best thing I ate all year came from here.  A sandwich with seasoned beef meat balls that you dipped in pho!  All I can say is amazing.  Plus with a changing menu monthly, they always have something new you will want to eat.


Photo Jan 01, 7 24 02 PM.png

#1 - Siena Steakhouse in the Ambassador Hotel

Great steaks, and great ambiance.  It is a throwback to one of those great hotel restaurants.  The bar is a hangout for the down town crowd after work, and they have great steaks.  The last time I went, I had a pork chop with a carmel sauce.  Two thumbs up on that one!

If you haven't been to anyone of these places I strongly suggest you try and made it there in 2015!  Also don't forget to check out some of the people and places photography picture that are up!  Links are below! ~ @RoyceOnTheRadio