How Many Times Can Atomic Dog Be Played At a Dog Show???

I figured since I went to a cat show a while ago that it was only fitting that I go to a dog show as well.  I had my film camera on me (Pentax k1000 with Portra400 film) so I figured I would stopped by the Sunflower Cluster Dog Show.  I must say that the dog was show like night and day compared to the cat show.  A little more upbeat, family friendly, and energetic.  The Sunflower Cluster Dog Show was at the pavilions near the old Kansas Coliseum.  Anyone who has been in there knows that they do quite a bit of livestock shows at the pavilions so when I first walked in a rancid odor slapped my in the face.  At first I thought it was the dogs, but no... it was just the building.  

They had a couple obstacle courses set up, and a couple areas for the actual show dogs.  To say that some of the dog handlers were taking it way to serious would be an understatement.  Watch the dogs go through the obstacles was actually pretty entertaining.  People were cheering for their favorite dog and breed.  I even found myself clapping for the dogs that had great times.  George Clinton's "Atomic Dog" was ringing loudly all over.  I suppose it fit the event, and I love George Clinton as much as the next person, but not for 2 hours.  All in all it was actually pretty fun!  I might have to go to another dog show soon! ~ @RoyceOnTheRadio


Easter-Dog Show_04-07-15-14.jpg
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