Why Photography Makes Me Appreciate Things More

I can't tell you how many times I have passed by these works of art along a river next to a bike path in my home town.  I grew up 2 blocks away from it, so I have passed by literally thousands of times.  I finally decided to take some pictures of it.  For one afternoon I spent a full hour and a entire roll of film taking pictures.  Now whenever I pass by I appreciate it so much more.  I was able to enjoy the artwork and the river while taking my time snapping photographs.  This is one of example of many how photography has helped me appreciate things that I see daily and don't think twice about.  We pass things every day in our life that we take for granted and don't appreciate.  I know I do, but I have started to try and find things in my hometown that I see daily and capture them on film in a way that I had never seen it before.  As crazy as it sounds, I know see parts of the city that I have seen my entire life in a different way.  Below are some of the photos I shot that day while walking on the bike path next to the river.  ~ @RoyceOnTheRadio