A Day At The Museum...

Whenever I am in Kansas City I try to make it to the Nelson-Atkins museum. The first time I went was around 20 years ago. I knew it was a good museum because it had a Van Gogh. Outside of that, I really didn’t know a lot of the artists. But I always appreciated the fine art that was inside. But….

fast forward a couple of years. I began to realize that this museum has so many masterpieces and has some of the best artists works. Plus the best thing is on the weekends… it is free! Where else can you walk in and see works of arts from Caravaggio, Van Gogh, Monet, Andy Warhol, Dorthea Lange, Jackson Pollack and Cezanne… all for free! If you haven’t ever been go! If you have… then do yourself a favor and go again.

Kansas Travels... Rock City

Just a couple mile past Minneapolis, Kansas you will find Rock City.  It is a bit strange to see all those rock formations in the middle of a field.  Even though they are just big rock formations, you find yourself spending quite a long time looking at them.  Also I had to go and look and each individual one.  They are all similar, but each one has its own distinct character.  The price is 3 dollars, but half of them are located before the gift shop so you can park your car and enjoy them without having to pay.  Also take a lunch and half a picnic!  There are plenty of tables to sit and take in all the scenery!

Falling Behind...

At the beginning of the year I had a goal. To average one roll of film every day. That means I am trying to shoot 365 rolls of film this year! So far I am up to about 23 rolls. Which is great, but I am falling behind. The hardest part is during the week. Much of time is spent in a radio studio or production room. So getting out is the hard part. Luckily I got out some over the weekend and was able to shoot some rolls. I will say when it gets warmer I am able to get in a lot more shooting. So for this early in the year I am doing pretty good. Here are some photos I took recently.