I'm Back!!!!!

The drought is over. I was doing so well with blogging and posting photos. But, I went M.I.A. for a bit. Not really missing just not writing. Went out to Los Angeles for a couple of days. The weather was perfect and the scenery was amazing. I was able to take some photos while I was there. I was staying in Hollywood and it is true what they say about homeless people being everywhere. I did enjoy the area though. Interesting people all around and so much to see.


The huge irony of the entire trip was the place I visited where the most interesting people were and the most action was I didn’t take one photo. Venice Beach is a street photographers dream, and I didn’t feel like taking any photographs while I was there. I was too busy enjoying it all and taking everything in. But that just gives me more reason to get back and visit. The longer I am away from LA the more I want to get back to visit. That is usually how it happens though. I go somewhere and can’t wait to get back home. As soon as I get back home, I can’t wait to get back to where I just visited. I’m sure it will always be like that.


Been slacking the last couple of days. Been traveling and working. Got back form Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last week. It was an amazing trip. The food and drinks were cheap. The scenery was beautiful. The people were friendly and warming. I am ready to go back! I was able to get some photo taking in while I was there. Shot ten rolls of film. Still processing them, but here are some of my favorites so far. You can also check out more photos from Puerto Vallarta by click the link right below this. IT is good to be back back blogging!

Wichita + Hip-Hop...

I have been going through some of my old photos. Looking at the hip-hop events, shows and people who attended around Wichita. Some are still with us, some aren’t. Feel very blessed to have been at the shows and events. Even more grateful that I was able to document them. So many times we have experiences and I hear people say, “I wish I would have taken a photo.” Well let me tell you, I try to make sure I take photos. You never know who might be there and who you might run into. So make sure and snap a photo or two next time you are out.

More Developed Film...

Developed some more film over the past couple of days. The first roll isn’t too bad! Looking forward to scanning some more film over the weekend. I have had many questions about developing film. It is a lot easier than one might think. The first experience I had with developing film was in middle school. I was lucky enough to be in the year book class. SO we got to go around and shoot all the photographs for the year book. I can’t remember what type of camera we had or even the film we used. But it was so cool walking around photographing everyone. The next time I set foot in a darkroom was years later when I went to college. Every Mass Communications major had to take photography. I am working now on getting a darkroom together. I have an enlarger and have told myself that I will start making prints this year! The sooner…. the better.

The Local Hip-Hop Show...

This year I am making an effort to go to more local hip-hop shows. I went to a couple last year, but I see more and more that they are happening and getting larger crowds. I think back 20 years ago and how cool it is to see an entire new generation throwing their own shows and creating music. But recently I feel this energy around the town. I can’t quit put my finger on it but it is an energy I haven’t felt in quite a bit. All the pieces are coming together for some special events this year. I am already hearing about some great shows on the horizon. I took some photos at the concerts and parties when I was younger but not near enough. Around 2014 I made sure to take a camera with me whenever I went to a show. This time around, I want to make sure to document everything!

Updates Are Coming!

Working on some updates for the website and will soon be setting up a newsletter so you can always keep up to date on what is going on. Going through a lot of my photos I have taken over the years. Want to put up some of the projects I am working on as well as put some of my newer photos in the street photography section. Looking forward to shooting quite a bit in the new year. Also be on the lookout for my next zine! I have been thinking of ideas and am starting to cycle through some of the photographs to get the sequencing down. Until then… you can order my latest zine by clicking the link below!

Wichita, 2018

Wichita, 2018

Washington DC, 2017

Washington DC, 2017