Five years ago I was on a long road trip around Kansas.  I noticed there was this awesome old high school in the distance so I decided to pull over and take a look at it.  The town was Alexander, Kansas.  I took some pictures of the highs school.  The grass was knee high and even though there was no front door I didn't go inside.  

Fast forward 4 years.  i found myself on the same highway and I decided to stop in Alexander.  Pulling up to the high school I notice that the grass had been mowed, and to my astonishment there was a truck and trailer in front of it.  A group of people were cleaning out the school.  I remember that last time I was in Alexander there was a for sale sign in front of it, so I figured they were the ones who had bought it.  As I was taking pictures one of the people who were cleaning the school came out and introduced himself to me.  I found out that they had restored several buildings around Kansas, and were now working on the high school in Alexander.  The real treat was when he asked me if I wanted to go inside to look and the school and the gym!  I couldn't be believe my luck.

I also decided I would get in to the town, (Which was a block away), to get some pictures.  For some reason last time I didn't so I wanted to make sure and get some while I was there.  The town had small abandoned buildings.  Most of them were half caved in.  There were rail road tracks along the town that passed the grain elevator.  Even though there is nothing really in Alexander, Kansas it does have a certain charm to it.  Hopefully in the future I will be able to stop by that high and see it once it is restored.  You can follow the progress of it at ~ @RoyceOnTheRadio